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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Thank you all for your comments on my last post. I did send out an email to the Donor Sibling Registry user basically stating that for Graemes privacy I did not feel comfortable sharing photos but would be happy to share developement milestones, medical info, etc. I also offered to send her the childhood photo of our donor if she did not already have it.

When Sgt and I started the whole diui process we had several criteria we were looking for in our donor, looks was not top of the list. We had a list of about 20 candidates. From that list we narrowed it down quickly by looking at the medical histories of each donor and his family. If the donor had any type of pet or food allergy he was crossed out. (Seasonal allergies were not an issue because I suffer from mild seasonal allergies.) If there were serious family health issues, again he was taken out.

Once we were down to about 8 donors we checked to see if there was a childhood photo. If there was none he was crossed off the list. From the 8 we were now down to 4. Our first choice had just two vials left so he was eliminated. Our second choice had 2 confirmed pregnancies and a son of his own. His photo looked very similar to Sgt as a boy and he matched all of our stats ie. height, weight, hair colour/texture, eye colour and blood type.

Unfortunately I miscarried twice while using this donor.

Our third choice had everything the first donor had except his blood type did not match either me (A+) or Sgt (O+). After a brief talk Sgt and I agreed that we planned to be open about using a donor if we had a successful pregnancy so having a different blood type* should not be an issue. We did not want to keep it a secret and have him come home from Grade 10 science class wondering why his blood type was different, who his ‘real daddy’ was and was his mama a ho.

*It was a good thing we had that frank discussion before using our donor because Graemes blood type (AB+) does not match anyone in the family.

Cleatus the Fetus

My doctors appointment went well. Just a quick once-over because I am not to have any internals at this point. BP’s good, heart & lungs seem to be working fine. She is referring me to the High-Risk clinic in the city I work in because of the past years miscarriages and because Cleatus seems to be using his/her placenta as a punching bag.

The ultrasound went well too. Sgt came in with me right at the start. The tech usually makes partners wait until all the measurements are done before allowing them in the room but made an exception for us. Gotta love small towns.

Cleatus is measuring about 5 cm now and the heartrate was measured at 161 bpm. Nice-lady tech printed off another photo for us. My scanner is a piece of shit and does not work well with our newer computer so to make do I tried taking some digital pictures. They are not the best but will do for now. It’s a little bright at the top from the flash I couldn’t disable … I’m a twit when it comes to crap like that.



This and That

I have two appointments today. One with my GP, the other with the ultrasound clinic to check on Cleatus’ placenta. Sgt will be home at 9:30 to come with me. My GP has not seen me since being released by my RE on December 19th. The last time I was pregnant I didn’t even bother to call her and set up an appointment because my beta’s were so crappy. When I was pregnant in the spring I asked her to send me to an OB as soon as she could because I had had trouble with abnormal cells on my cervix many years ago that resulted in a colcoscolpy and I wanted the best care I could get. She wouldn’t send me until I was at 30 weeks. I made it to 9/10 weeks. This visit I will insist on an OB sooner then 30 weeks, only because of the two miscarriages. I’m curious to see what she will do. 

I’ll update later when I get back.


Last week at work I had the customer from hell. I did a follow-up for this gentleman, applied PR credits to his account because another department had screwed up, and do you know what I got? I was yelled at, told our company was a mess etc, etc. I hear this sort of thing everyday but for some reason this jackass really got to me. I could feel my eyes start to well up with tears and my face flush. I’m not sure why this particular caller got to me the way he did, hormones maybe? I asked my supervisor for a few minutes to cool off because this guy has me so pissed. I have never had a caller get to me this way and it made me feel vulnerable.


The boys have a day off … freezing rain/sleet/snow has cancelled the buses. Excitement for them.

I grew up in a small town located in the Ottawa Valley. Snowdays were common. I remember the excitement, the thrill of being able to spend the day at home. My brother and I would sit next to the radio listening and praying with all our might that the announcer would call out our bus number. The joy felt when we did hear it was tangible.


It is de-lurking week my friends. I know there are several people that pop by here and I would love to know who you are. Leave a comment, say hi. It is de-lurking week after all.

Moving day for Still Waiting …

I finally did it. I played with the css on WordPress and figured out how and what I was going to do with this blog once I move it.

My domain is set up, the codes in place. Now all there is to do is give you all the new address.

Because I want to keep the new location a bit of a secret (I think some people at work may have found me here)  I will not be publishing it here. If you would like to visit me in my new home email me at anitaATstillwaitingDOTca. Please put ‘New Home’ in the subject title so it does not end up in my Junk/Spam box and I will email you back with the address.

The turkey wasn’t the only thing that was stuffed

The last 5 days have been a whirlwind of activity and I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging.

Friday I left work early to finish packing for our Christmas holidays with both my family and Sgt.’s family. We left our small town at 5pm to make the 2 ½ hour drive to my mum and dad’s. The drive was good for the first hour or so then we hit freezing rain. Sgt took his time driving through the hills and got us safely to my hometown in just over 3 hours. 

We celebrated Christmas on Saturday at my parents home, the wee soldiers spoiled beyond their wildest dreams and headed to Sgt.’s parents for Christmas Eve. We met up with my BIL, his very pregnant wife and their two girls to celebrate an early mass. The church was packed to the rafters … literally. We were sat up in the choir loft and could reach up and touch the ceiling. Christmas Day was a sight to see. All together we number 15 in Sgt.’s family … 15 and ¾ if you count the SIL bump. All packed into the rec room to open over 100 gifts. It took us over two hours to get it all done. Dinner was amazing; Sgt.’s dad sure knows how to put on a feast. I ate and ate and ate. The maternity pants I bought last week sure did come in handy. 

Speaking of maternity pants, they are all that I am able to fit into now. And at 8 weeks nonetheless!  I am not able to get into see my GP until the New Year. Her office will re-open on the 8th and I will call to make an appointment then. The paranoia has not gone away. I still continue to check for blood every time I wipe and concoct all kinds of horrific scenarios in my mind when I get a cramp or twinge.   

For 2007 I wish I still had the ignorant bliss of early pregnancy that I had before the miscarriages and I wish all of my friends in the IF community could enjoy that ignorant bliss as well.

I’m off to catch up on everyone’s blogs …

Is that an embryo in your tummy or do you just need to poop?

Work, last week, was insane. We had 12 new agents hit the floor and I did straight floor support all week for these 12 people. Just me and one other guy. It was fun but exhausting. Sgt would pick me up at 5pm and I would nap for 30 minutes on the way home.  

Just a quick update.

Still tired, boobs still sore and still having trouble with pooping. I give up.

I bought some pants this weekend at 0ld*Navee. They had these great khaki’s on sale in the maternity section for just $19.99 and jeans for $6.97! I have already grown out of my regular jeans although I’m not sure if it’s my uterus or just the crap piling up in me.

Ultrasound tomorrow at 1pm. I will be 7w1d and the re is pretty sure we’ll be able to see some activity on the screen. I’m betting he’ll be able to see all the shit stuck in my colon.

There truly is no life like it

Sgt left a message on my cellphone last Tuesday. It went a little something like this.

“Call me. I have news.”

When ever Sgt says those three little words ‘I have news’ it can only mean a few things.

  1. He is being deployed to a wartorn country.  
  2. We are getting a posting notice.
  3. He has injured himself in some way and I need to pick him up at the infirmary.  

You have one guess as to what ‘the news’ is. Here’s a clue. He is not being deployed and I did not need to leave work early to pick him up at the infirmary. If you guessed number two I have some lovely dried prunes for you.

It looks like we will be moving to a new location this summer. No guarantees just yet, that will come sometime in March. If this pregnancy goes well and according to plan I will be selling this house, buying a new one, registering the wee soldiers at a new school, filing for unemployment and moving it all in mid-July. My due date is August 6.       


On a more upbeat note … the SLW  is no longer a thorn in my paw. She has been fired for manipulating an account that was not hers, a violation of our Privacy Policy. I did a little jig upon hearing the news. T’was a glorious day for this gal.


And when life seemed like it could not get any better … I pooped. Twice in one day. It was a beautiful moment. As promised, no details. Thank you all for your kind words and advice. It seems like both the prunes and the dried apricots did the trick. 4 of each every night before bed. I am still not regular but I will take what ever I can at this point.

Desperatley Seeking Defecation

Early Pregnancy Symptoms 

  • Nausea   … check
  • Nipple and/or Breast tenderness   … check
  • Fatique   … check
  • Frequent urination    … check
  • Constipation    … check, check and double check

I am full of shit, literally. I have not had a decent poop since Sunday morning and my body is beginning to bloat like a dead caribou caught in a river. Not a pretty image I paint here is it?

I am doing everything I can think of to create an earth shattering bowel movement experience. I have added a third of a cup of fibre cereal to my regular morning meal of Spe*cial K with Red Berries, drink a lot of water, eat plenty of fruit but still find myself begging my body to react.

Please, if you have any suggestions or just want to share, leave a comment. I would be very much grateful and promise not to share with you the details when I do finally poop.

Tis the Season for Goodwill Towards Men

We had our First Annual Holiday Party for work last night. One of our new hires was especially drunk before the dinner had even begun. She had to keep pulling up the top of her dress because her boobs kept threatening to fall out. Great first impression. Who the hell was responsible for hiring this girl?

After the meal Sgt had to use the Little Boys Room and when he came out he said “Someone’s in there ‘getting it on’.”

You have three guesses as to who that someone could have been.  If you guess correctly I have a crumpled shabby chic, used previously enjoyed post-it with a reminder to feed the puppy 3 cups of kibble per feeding written on it for you to win.


Other then the tiredness and occasional nausea I really don’t feel pregnant. I mentioned this to Sgt. and he thinks I’m a nutter. Why must I obsess over the little things?

Confessions of a Pee Stick-a-holic

New day, new test.

I decided to use both the namebrand as well as the generic htp this morning because I am just a wee bit obsesive.

Both are positive. Two pink lines for me.

I am not yet excited. Fears of another chemical pregnancy prevent me for doing so.

Beta is scheduled for Monday morning and with any luck I should have the results that afternoon.

But for now I do have two pink lines.