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Murphy’s Law or Why I Hate Deployments

Sgt left last week for a sandy place I like to call “the ‘ghan”. Sgt like to call it “the sandstorms, duststorms, people who hate you shithole.”

Everyone else calls it Afghanistan.

This is not a regular deployment for us. We don’t need another one of those, four is enough thanks. He’s gone for a short trip to deliver a product to some of his co-workers, set it up, show them how it works and how to repair it if it breaks down. I have no idea what this product is because he can’t discuss this part of his job and I’m OK with that.

Needless to say the day, the DAY, he left things started to break. Or get loose. Or get sick. It started Monday morning when I figured the carpet needed to have the vacuum run over it. With two St. Bernards it’s something that should be done everyday, sometimes twice a day, and I had neglected it over the weekend. I plug in the cleaner, hit the switch and immediately smell burning rubber. “This can’t be good.” I think and sure enough it’s not. After taking apart the head I find the reason behind the burnt rubber smell.

Burnt rubber.

The rubber thing that makes the bristles go around (yes that’s the technical term) is in two pieces because it has melted. No big deal, I have a replacement rubber thing. After replacing the rubber thing, cleaning out the bristles and putting it all back together I sit back and look proudly at my accomplishment. Who needs a man around to fix things huh?

Then I turn it on.

Strangely I smell burning rubber again. Quickly I shut it off, gather up Graeme and head into the Canadian Tire in town to buy a new vacuum.


One of our lambs got out of the pen yesterday. It so desperately wanted to be with it’s mother it popped over a 4 foot gate. No small feat for this husky fellow.

I needed to get this lamb back in with the others so we can finish them on grains before they head off to market but he seems to know of this plan and refuses to cooperate with me. I left him with the ewes for the evening and told Nic that tonight we had to get him back into the pen.

Nic takes this sort of thing seriously and refuses to give up. He’s a tenacious teen. Just what you need when you are trying to catch a lamb that doesn’t want to be caught. Not what you need when he wants to got to a bush party with his friends. (The teen, not the lamb.)

It took Nic about ten minutes to get this lamb and it was luck that caught it. The flock was heading back out into the pasture and Nic spooked the lamb. Instead of running to catch up with the others this brilliant creature thought it would be safer to hide in the barn. The barn where all the other lambs were being kept.

Plain old shit luck, it’s the only way to catch one on it’s own.


Sgt’s due home in a few days and I can guarantee that before he gets here one of us with become sick or injured in some way.

What do you think the ailment/injury will be Internets? And who will it affect? I’m taking wagers now and the closest guess will get a little something.