Monthly Archives: November 2007

Tearing My Hair Out

It’s not like I’m already losing enough hair post-pregnancy to clog my shower drain several times during a shower. Drano is on my grocery list every week even though I have a hair trap in the tub.  

I have had more trouble with the move to my new webhost then I care to think about. I hve uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled … you get the picture. I finally reached a breaking point last night and decided that today I would save all of my posts from the last 14 month onto a Word document, save the photo’s and delete the blog so I could start fresh. Before having Graeme I would have spent an entire day and night making sure all of my old post were back up and timestamped correctly and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making a new layout. Now my days are not my own anymore so over time I will get my old post back up again and maybe, just maybe, get around to making a new layout. Just not today. Today I am hoping to have a shower before someone wakes up from their nap. Continue reading

Look who’s back

Here I am! What a month. I had some trouble with my hosting service and had to move my domains to a new host. While in the process of moving I thought I had lost the past year of blog entries and that upset me. My old host sent me a folder full of files that I had no idea what to do with so I sent off an email to the support section of my new host MidPhase< and the ever so clever Sergey put everything back togather for me. If you’re looking for a host I highly recommend these folks.

Graeme is growing like you wouldn’t believe. Sgt and i weighed him the other night and he is now 15lb 8oz. More than doubled his birth weight. He has rolls on his legs and several chins. He has been rolling from front to back for a few weeks now much to the dogs dismay. He loves to chat and sing us songs. If he is upset you know it. Boy does he let you know it.

I started up a video blog on Blogger because for some reason WordPress makes it difficult for me to upload videos. I’m sure there’s a plugin I could find but after the trouble I had getting everything moved I’m afraid to ‘rock the boat’ so to speak. So far I have two video’s posted HERE and will be putting a permanent link up as soon as I find time to change the layout. If you have extra time on your hands feel free to send some of it to me will ya?

Other news I have … We have connected with two families that have used the same donor through the Donor Sibling Registry. One in the U.S. and one here in Canada. I have been chatting with them through email and F@cebook and we have exchanged photo’s. There are many shared traites between Graeme and his donor siblings. It’s been wonderful talking with other mom’s about our children and our donor. So far our donor has not consented to ID but that may change. If it doesn’t I’m fine with that as is Sgt.

BEB was home from school last Wednesday and helped me make this shirt for Graeme. It’s an image I made a few years ago and was selling to other military families when Sgt was on yet another tour. I thought it turned out really well.

My Dad My Hero

I’ll sign off for now and leave you with the link to my flickr account where I’ve uploaded some new photo’s.

Maybe I’ll get a shower before noon today … maybe.