Monthly Archives: January 2008

About my boobs …

The breast feeding is still going. For now. The left breast is still not producing very much despite all I have done. What have I done you ask? It might be easier to say what I have not done.

I have been pumping every hour for 10-15 minutes during the day. Some sessions get me half an ounce, some get me enough milk to cover the bottom of the bottle. Along with the pumping I am taking 3 caplets of fenugreek, 3 caplets of blessed thistle, three caplets of hops and one tablet of brewers yeast three time a day. Also I am taking 5 tablets of domperidone twice a day. My appointments with the physiotherapist have helped break up the blockages in the left side but I think it’s been too long for that breast to bounce back. Too little too late.

Even though the left breast is still not producing much the right is doing well. Graeme is getting pretty much most of his milk from me whether it’s at the breast or pumped into a bottle. He does get two 6oz bottles a day and rice or oatmeal cereal along with a small serving of veggies for dinner in the evenings. I have been making all of his veggies and fruit. Once a week I get out the steamer, blender and veggies and cook up his meals. It gives me quite a bit of satisfaction knowing what I’m feeding him isn’t processed beyond recognition.

His first taste of food after the rice was pumpkin which he really enjoyed. Since then he’s had butternut squash, sweet potato, peas, carrots, apples, corn, avacado and prunes. The prunes he wasn’t too fond of and the face he made was priceless.

I’ve been documenting the food making with my camera and want to put up a page or two of ‘how to’ when the computer comes back. Or maybe send it along to Pru at Mush.

Waiting again

I know it’s been almost a month since my last post. I’m still here but our computer bit the big one right after the holidays. The power supply went along with the mother board and video card. Sgt and I took it to a friend of my brothers to get fixed and $560 later we brought it home. 48 hours after that it began giving us as much grief as a 15 year old. It refused to start up and when it finally dragged it’s sorry ass out of bed it was sluggish, moody and talked back to us. Tonight it’s going back and hopefully we’ll have no trouble after that.

For now I’m on Sgt’s extremely slow going laptop. It hates me and I hate it. Catching up on blogs it painfully time consuming. Trying to get any type of work done is impossible and I have several projects that have been put on hold for now. Projects that were on hold for months following Graemes birth and our move. I finally have the time to complete them and the computer decides to say ‘fuck you’.

Here’s hoping that the computer is back in our house before the end of the weekend.