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Last night the boys and I were in the back garden feeding Yum Yum his supper when we noticed a small creature in the barn with the ladies.


A lamb. Our first lamb. He was still covered in afterbirth, up on all fours and nursing from mom. Our ewe named Lori (after my best friend) had given birth to a little ram.


I named her Lori for a few reason. She is the boldest of our ewes, just like Lori, coming right over to the fence any time we go out to visit or feed them. And she has freckles on her ears. Just like Lori.

Sheep Lori has the makings of a good mom. Her little ram hears her *lovey sound and comes trotting over to nurse. She grooms him while he feeds. After they snuggle down in the hay for a little snooze.

Lori the person is an amazing woman. We met years ago when our boys were in kindergarden together and on the same hockey team but our friendship blossomed into something akin to sisterhood when both our husbands were deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 for the first combat mission Canada had seen since Korea. We spent the next 7 months listening, learning and supporting each other. I love her like family.

Although Lori grew up in what we now like to call a disfunctional family (I’d like to see a ‘functional’ family) she made the choice to be a better parent to her children. With the birth of her daughter she headed out to the local library and signed out all the parenting books she could get her hands on. Bound and determined to make it better with her precious girl she perservered through tough times and the frequent absences of her army husband. She is an incredible mom and has taught me patience, understanding and humour make the world of difference with my boys.

After seeing sheep Lori with her little ram I know I made to right name choice.

*lovey sounds are a deep, low baa formed at the back of the throat that mother ewes use to call their lambs. Each lovey sound is unique and each lamb can pick out his or her mother from a large mob by this sound alone.

Love Ewe

Life has a strange way of getting in the way sometimes. Every morning I wake up and think “Ill get a post up today.” and before I know it it is 9:30 pm and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. I don’t know how some people manage to get by on little sleep. I am not one of those people.

Graeme is now nine months old. Nine months! How did that happen? Time is flying by us at amazing speed. For 6 weeks he’s been pulling himself up and crusing the furniture and walls. He is close to walking now. He’s working on perfecting his pincer grasp and loves to yell at everyone.

Graeme and the ladies

Three weeks ago we brought home 10 pregnant ewes to live in our back garden. We should be seeing lambs any day now. Our favorite part of every day is heading out back to check on them. Rain or shine out we go. Graeme bounces with excitement while getting his shoes and hat on and will shout at me if I’m not moving fast enough. Once we get out to the barn area he stands against the fencing and shouts HEY at the ladies. HEY is his favorite thing to say. Mama and Dada rarely escape his lips but HEY is very popular.

For several weeks now Graeme has been getting up to nurse at 4 am. I wondered what happened to my sleeping angel-boy but realized he was waking up because he was hungry. When his latest teeth started coming in there were three nights I was up every hour. EVERY HOUR people! Even as a newborn he wasn’t up every hour. Sleep depravation is a horrible thing no wonder they use it as torture. I spent my days walking into things and mummbling incoherantly. Pleasant.

A few weeks ago Sgt interviewed for a job in Ottawa. His 20 years with the military is creeping up and he is looking into his options. At this point we are both tired of the lifestyle we have been living for almost 18 years and want to put that part of who we are behind us and move forward. I had a huge post composed in my head about the inner struggle I was having about this big change and once again sleep won that round. That happens when you’re surviving on a few hours of rack a day. I hope to post my feelings about it one day soon but for now Graeme and I are headed upstairs to grab some lunch.