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Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Three weeks ago my grandmother passed away at the age of 84. She had a wonderful life filled with ballroom dancing, her garden and her beloved dogs. My mums oldest brother, Mike, was the one to go through her papers.

There were a lot of papers to go through.

It seemed my Nan did not throw anything away. There were photos of all the grandchildren dating back to our first years in school, drawings we sent to her, letters we wrote. As Uncle Mike was going through this mountain of stuff he would sort things into stacks of items he thought we would like back as reminders.

This is one of the things that came back to my mum and she passed it on to me.


A telegram sent to my Nan on the day I was born. My parents could not call my Nan on the phone because at the time she did not have one. Even if she did the cost of a trans-atlantic call from Canada to the UK 38 years ago would have cost my mum and dad a weeks pay.


The telegram cost dad about 50 cents. It’s short, sweet and to the point because each word cost money. The H/D means Hand Delivered.

What you can’t see in the photo right under the H/D is the faded date stamp : September 23, 1970.  My birthday. I weighed in at 7lbs 12 oz.

Knowing my Nan kept it all these years makes it irreplacable to me.

How to Catch a Baby Take 1

First let me say how much I am loving Mel’s Show and Tell! I’ve found a huge list of blogs to add to Bloglines and take time away from all of those important things I have to do. Like raising kids and cooking dinner.


Sunday the boys thought it would be wise to try and “capture” Graeme in a trap.

Mel’s Show and Tell

I was so excited to see this feature at Mel’s because I loved show and tell day at school when I was a little girl. I remember every Sunday night looking through my toybox for the perfect item to bring to class with me the next day. Usually it was my beloved tattered bear Teddy that was placed into my school bag Monday morning.

Show and Tell

I have two photos to share with everyone today and it’s not Teddy. Sadly Teddy has gone on to the Big Teddy Bear Picnic in the Sky.

Both photos were taken from my kitchen window. I love the views I have to look at while I’m doing the dishes.

Stormy Day

This is Sgt leading our ladies back into the barn for the evening. They were still lambing so we felt it was the safest place for them to be incase one delivered during the night. A storm had just passed by us and as the sun started to come out again the rainbow appeared. Rainbows occur regularly here after the storms and I never get tired of seeing them. The little girl inside me wants to put on her wellies and run as fast as she can to the end of the rainbow to find that pot of gold.

My Back Yard

I took this photo one afternoon while the ewes were grazing and their lambs were playing. The lambs are now spending less and less time close to their moms and more and more time playing with one another. Little lambs seem to have springs for legs and spend a lot of their time bouncing from place to place instead of walking. One of their favorite games to play is what I call “King of the Mountain”. If there is anything on the ground that is higher up then they are, like rock, they will do anything they can to get on top of it. Once one of the lambs has made it atop the rock the others will try to knock him or her off and take their place. The games they play have made me laugh out loud in my kitchen.

If I am having a Eeyore kinda day and need to smile I look out at the lambs.