Monthly Archives: September 2008

100 Words

Mel from Stirrup Queens has a site called Bridges.

Bridges is an awareness consortium of compassionate bloggers who are using writing to educate, tell a story, bring awareness, and build community.

Today, September 11th, marks the 7th anniversary of one of the most horrific events in history. Mel has asked for our experiences of that day in just 100 words. I had a hard time describing that day for me in just 100 words but once done I realized 100 words was all I needed. Here is my story.

Sgt was in the Immediate Reaction Unit; my heart sank with the knowledge that soon I would be getting a call from him telling me he had to go. The call came, his voice was a mixture of emotions but the one that stands out the most for me was the excitement. 14 years he had been training for this. 12 years I had been telling myself this day could come. People ask me how I do it, love a soldier. I always reply: “It’s not what he does; it’s who he is.” I’m damn proud of who he is.

Every half hour today, from midnight to midnight, there will be a 100 word memory of that day. 55 powerful stories. Please stop by and read each and every one.

You won’t be disappointed.