Show and Tell Sundays with Mel

 Show and Tell

This week I thought I would try something a little different for Show and Tell. I video blogged a tour of our evening chores here at Dunwaetin Farm*.  I hate the way my voice sounds so no making fun of my Canadian accent eh?

The boys “outed” themselves by using their names on the video. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this but after talking with them about using their real names here they wanted me to post it. They are both very proud of the animals and love to show off. Not that you could tell from the video.

I’d like to do more video blogging in the future. Maybe a Q&A from commenters or perhaps a tour of our town. What would you like to see?

* Dunwaetin as in Done Waiting. It was Sgts idea to name our farm Dunwaetin and I love it. 

6 thoughts on “Show and Tell Sundays with Mel

  1. JuliaS

    Hey – that looks like fun! :0)

    Nice looking place. I think my favorite part though is when you videotaped the boys feeding the chickens, one of your son’s in the background striking a Mr. Universe body builder pose! Cracked me up!

  2. Baby Smiling In Back Seat

    Thanks for the tour! Video blogging brought it to life much more than a series of photos would have.

    I would love to see another video with the chicks — it was too dark to see them in this video. I’d also enjoy a video of the next generation of baby lambs when they are wee. :)

  3. Cindy

    Hi there! First time visitor. I loved getting a view of life at Dunwaetin Farm…thanks for sharing! I like the whole video blog idea as well…

  4. Arian

    What a great looking farm! You have some wonderful helpers too! I miss having a large enough yard to have critters and such. This was a great video! Can’t wait to see more!

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