Tis the Season for Goodwill Towards Men

We had our First Annual Holiday Party for work last night. One of our new hires was especially drunk before the dinner had even begun. She had to keep pulling up the top of her dress because her boobs kept threatening to fall out. Great first impression. Who the hell was responsible for hiring this girl?

After the meal Sgt had to use the Little Boys Room and when he came out he said “Someone’s in there ‘getting it on’.”

You have three guesses as to who that someone could have been.  If you guess correctly I have a crumpled shabby chic, used previously enjoyed post-it with a reminder to feed the puppy 3 cups of kibble per feeding written on it for you to win.


Other then the tiredness and occasional nausea I really don’t feel pregnant. I mentioned this to Sgt. and he thinks I’m a nutter. Why must I obsess over the little things?