Desperatley Seeking Defecation

Early Pregnancy Symptoms 

  • Nausea   … check
  • Nipple and/or Breast tenderness   … check
  • Fatique   … check
  • Frequent urination    … check
  • Constipation    … check, check and double check

I am full of shit, literally. I have not had a decent poop since Sunday morning and my body is beginning to bloat like a dead caribou caught in a river. Not a pretty image I paint here is it?

I am doing everything I can think of to create an earth shattering bowel movement experience. I have added a third of a cup of fibre cereal to my regular morning meal of Spe*cial K with Red Berries, drink a lot of water, eat plenty of fruit but still find myself begging my body to react.

Please, if you have any suggestions or just want to share, leave a comment. I would be very much grateful and promise not to share with you the details when I do finally poop.

6 thoughts on “Desperatley Seeking Defecation

  1. Vanessa

    Prunes. Seriously, prunes rock the house. Or dried apricots. Dried cherries, too. Dried fruits do it, I swear. Fresh fruits, I have found, are not so good (especially apples, as the pectin is a blocker). Dried fruit-PRUNES!-will always work.

  2. Carlynn

    I’m so happy to see that things are going well but that blocked up feeling is hell. How about linseeds? If you can get hold of some, I found they were great sprinkled over cereal in the morning. Half an hour later … on the dot, I promise you, it was magic.

    Prunes are also a sure fire remedy. I ate a whole bag once and had to run to the nearest bathroom.

  3. Inglewood

    Prune juice, if you can’t stand the taste add some apple juice, right before bed. Eating them would probably work better as Carlynn suggested, more fibre.

    Good luck.

  4. Inglewood

    BTW forgot to let you know they only found one bean, your betas are higher than mine but our doubling rates were the same. Good luck on the 19th.

  5. Donnie

    Well… I was severely constipated for my entire pregnancy… and boy howdy did I try EVERYTHING. Bagfuls of prunes. Fiber supplements. Even colace a few times.
    Results were marginal at best.

    Most helpful? Drinking lots of water.
    Congrats on your pregnancy. Just remember the pooping problems will end… one day.

  6. statia

    I would say an enema, just because I think Vanessa is taking the wuss way out. :oP

    I think, you can take stool softeners, at least it’s on my “list” that I’ve gotten from my OB. But of course, your doctor may have something different to say. But they saved my life when I was going through effexor constipation hell last year.

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