There truly is no life like it

Sgt left a message on my cellphone last Tuesday. It went a little something like this.

“Call me. I have news.”

When ever Sgt says those three little words ‘I have news’ it can only mean a few things.

  1. He is being deployed to a wartorn country.  
  2. We are getting a posting notice.
  3. He has injured himself in some way and I need to pick him up at the infirmary.  

You have one guess as to what ‘the news’ is. Here’s a clue. He is not being deployed and I did not need to leave work early to pick him up at the infirmary. If you guessed number two I have some lovely dried prunes for you.

It looks like we will be moving to a new location this summer. No guarantees just yet, that will come sometime in March. If this pregnancy goes well and according to plan I will be selling this house, buying a new one, registering the wee soldiers at a new school, filing for unemployment and moving it all in mid-July. My due date is August 6.       


On a more upbeat note … the SLW  is no longer a thorn in my paw. She has been fired for manipulating an account that was not hers, a violation of our Privacy Policy. I did a little jig upon hearing the news. T’was a glorious day for this gal.


And when life seemed like it could not get any better … I pooped. Twice in one day. It was a beautiful moment. As promised, no details. Thank you all for your kind words and advice. It seems like both the prunes and the dried apricots did the trick. 4 of each every night before bed. I am still not regular but I will take what ever I can at this point.

4 thoughts on “There truly is no life like it

  1. Meg

    Twice in one day? No! I am considering myself lucky if it’s twice in one week!

    Well, moving is always exciting on some levels, I guess… not sure how it would go for a nine-month pregnant woman.


  2. Inglewood

    Wow, twice in one day, I am a bit jealous. I have been clogging the toilet with my every 2-3 day movements…..

    Moving can be exciting, will you be able to handle it all? Do you have family that can help?

    Best of luck.

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