Green Acres with photos galore!

We are home from the farm.

Sgt and the boys worked so hard every day helping the with the sheering. I was amazed and proud of the hard work our teens put into every day. Up at 6am, in the wool shed at 8am, working until 6pm or later without complaint. I was sure my boys had been replaced by some type of robot clone because surely these could not have been my boys. My boys would have gone on and on about how hard it was, how tired they were, when could they have another break.

Packing Wool

My Green Eyed Boy packing the fleece into the wool bags.

The ladies

The ladies before …

And after

and after.

Graeme the sheep whisperer

Graeme loved to talk to the ewes. We think he’ll be a sheep whisperer when he grows up.


Sgt watching and learning about sheering. The spots in the photo are bits of fleece flooting about the wool shed.

Sgt Sheering

Sgt sheering one of the ladies.


Our last night there I was asked if I wanted to take home a couple of the bottle lambs. These are lambs that for whatever reason had been rejected by their mothers. As much as I wanted to take these fuzzy little creatures home with me the next day I knew we didn’t have the room in our van to get them here, not with all the luggage and baby paraphernalia. So we did what any sensible person would do …

we went back on Sunday to bring home two little lambs.


This is YumYum


This is Delicious.

We won’t be raising them to be pets. Come November they will be sent off to the butcher and come back to us wrapped in tidy little packets containing chops, roasts and stew meat. What you must think of me!

In a few weeks we will have of pregnant ewes and come the first weeks of May our little farm will be well on it’s way.

Up a pole

When we got home we noticed there was an orange kitty living in our back shed. She seemed quite friendly and really enjoyed the dogs as you can see. The dogs enjoyed her too.

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  1. sky girl

    Oh Anita. I don’t know how you’ll be able to send those cuties off to the butcher.

    I feel like I should reference some Hanibal Lector here but I shall refrain. :)

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