Cast of Characters

Me :  37, no longer longing for one more child to complete our family; slightly neurotic; somewhat sane.

Dh : ‘Sgt’ 40; Former Canadian Army Sergant now a Warrent Officer; puts up with his wifes craziness; enjoys making beer and playing hockey. It doesn’t get any more Canadian than that! 

Ds1 : ‘BEB’ 15; full of teen attitude and angst; hockey player extrodinaire; loves to annoy his younger brother; spends copious amounts of time talking on the phone and talking back to his saint-like parents.

Ds2 : ‘GEB’ 13; resident funny bone; goalie in local Bantam hockey league; loves all things related to The Discovery Channel

Graeme (formerly known as Cleatus the fetus) : our son conceived through DI; likes to laugh; drools a lot.

Pepper & Porter : two very large St. Bernards; think they are lap-dogs; not very bright; drools a lot.

Casper & Hopps : two extremely fat cats; lay abouts.

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